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Title : Arch Lightning

Arc Lightning for NROS 024.jpg

In this captivating abstract artwork, acrylic and metallic paints blend seamlessly against a backdrop of blues and turquoise, evoking the tranquil depths of a summer’s night sky. Faux gold leaf adds a touch of opulence, shimmering with ethereal beauty, while subtle sparks of gold add a touch of magic to the composition. Across the canvas, gold lines dance like lightning bolts, their energy palpable as they crisscross and intertwine, infusing the piece with an electrifying energy. The contrasting elements converge in a harmonious display of colour and texture, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the dynamic beauty of the artwork.

Medium: Acrylic & Metallic paint with gold leaf (Faux) 

Size:  cm (W) x cm (H) x cm (D)

Other: Wall hung. Stretched Box Canvas (deep sides), unframed, Ready to hang.

Price: £450.00 + postage

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