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Title : Aurora

Aurora for website.jpg

The Aurora Borealis, among nature's most awe-inspiring phenomena, has long been a personal aspiration of mine to witness. This painting evolved organically during its creation, transitioning from a depiction of a fiery sky to its present form.

Abundant in texture across the hills and ice, it captures the essence of the Arctic landscape.

With acrylic as the main medium, I incorporated iridescent paints primarily for the Aurora, intensifying its brilliance, while adding delicate touches across the landscape below, accentuating its shimmer. As viewers explore the artwork from different angles, the Aurora dances dynamically, responding to shifts in lighting conditions.


Medium: Acrylic paint and texture paste 

Size:  50cm (W) x  70cm (H) x 2cm (D)

Other: Wall hung. Stretched canvas unframed, Ready to hang.

Price: SOLD

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