I LOVE a good challenge!


Most of my art work has come about through a desire to try something new.


My first foray into painting started when a dear friend turned 40 and I decided to try my hand at painting one of her horses for her. At that point I had never used oil paints before but what better reason to try?! What a wonderful medium and I instantly loved it.


I was bitten by the bug, which has lead to trying other mediums and from that various styles of art. Today i enjoy a mixture of mediums in each of my pieces, usually including resin and occasionally the bit of Glitter! 


I love experimenting and trying out new techniques and mediums. This is just the beginning and I am looking forward to seeing what the next challenge brings.


I have had some truly wonderful and touching reactions to my work, which makes it all the more special.


Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy looking through it.


Vix  x