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Victoria Maddocks, a self-taught artist, traces her artistic roots back to her childhood days, where she was always found doodling and painting. Despite her early passion for art, she pursued a full-time career, temporarily setting aside her creative endeavours. It wasn't until her return to the UK, after spending many years living in Jersey, in the Channel Islands, that she reignited her love for painting.

Working from her cosy studio, Victoria seamlessly weaves her love of art around her bustling full-time job. Her inspiration springs from the tranquil beauty of the local urban woodland, where she dedicates some of her time to volunteer work. Living near both the woods and the sea has profoundly influenced her artwork, as she captures the ever-changing light and energy of these natural landscapes.

Victoria's artistic style is as diverse as her mediums. As a mixed media artist, she finds freedom in spontaneity and emotional creativity, evident in many of her abstract pieces. She skilfully utilizes iridescent paints, metallic leaf, and occasionally resin to breathe life into her creations, creating mesmerizing reflections and refractions of light.

Her works reflects a deep connection to nature, often featuring imagined seashores or woodland scenes infused with a sense of tranquillity and wonder. From oils to acrylics to inks, Victoria fearlessly explores various mediums, allowing her art to evolve organically and intuitively.

With each artwork, Victoria invites viewers on a journey into her world, where imagination meets reality, and emotions are expressed through vibrant colors and intricate textures. Through her dedication to her craft and her unwavering passion for art, Victoria Maddocks continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide

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