About Me.

For most of my life I have doodled, coloured and generally made a mess in the name of art, including painting on my little brother, when I was a toddler!

Luckily, today I mainly paint on canvas, tiles, wood, glass, slate and inanimate objects.

After years of trying to find my "Niche" and expertise in one medium, I have finally come to the conclusion that I am at my happiest, when I am mixing it up and using different mediums together. My ultimate mediums being metallic, glitter and shimmer paint.

I have and still am, loving the excuse to experiment with different Technics and Mediums,

 Most of my work is Abstract ,as it enables me to relax and let each piece tell its story, without the expectations or pressure of what it"should " be, or what it "should" look like. I love the freedom Abstract work offers, many pieces I have started with an idea only for it to delightfully evolve into something completely different by the time it is finished.  

I have had some truly wonderful and touching reactions to my work, which makes it all the more special. Many friends and family have supported me throughout, but an extra special thank you must go to my good friends Carol Le Quesne of Feathers Healing, Jersey,  Louise Hutchings of Equine Whispers and without doubt,my friend and Life Coach, Daniel O'Connor of Clock and Compass, to all of you for your support in helping me to "find" my art.   


Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy looking through it as much as I have in creating it, it is ever evolving, just like my art!

If you have any question,  are interested in buying a piece of art or wish to ask about creating something original and unique, please do not hesitate to contact me.  


Vix  x



Original Abstract Art - Mixed Media, Fluid Art and Resin.