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Title : Serenity's Edge

Serenitys edge main adj1.jpg

Under the vast expanse of a serene sky, this artwork captures the tranquillity of an empty sandy beach. The calm sea mirrors the towering clouds overhead, their reflections gently rippling on the water's surface. Tall beach grass sways, marking the boundary between the dunes and the sea, leading the eye to the expansive, flat sandy beach that stretches into the distance. This peaceful scene invites viewers to immerse themselves in the quiet beauty of nature's simplicity.

Medium: Acrylic paint, 

Size:  50cm (W) x 70cm (H) x 2cm (D)

Other: Wall hung. Stretched canvas, framed, Ready to hang.

Price: £360.00 + postage **

** Please Note - This artwork is currently being Exhibited at the ArtWorks in Kettering until the 26th May.

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