An archive of the completed WIP pieces

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Swirling Stream


My first ever Triptych (3 canvas's) and a first for many of the tecnics i used on this piece. Plenty of paste, wool and one colour made me think of a swirling stream. Some fish, leaves and a resin coating completed the piece. The final picture shows it finished , sold and in situ.

Mirrored Butterfly

A commissioned piece from my original blue butterfly! An abstract mirror of the butterfly with colours to match the clients room.



Butterfly wing.

A mixed media canvas. Oil painted background.  Paste medium for the basis of the wing and body, then slowly adding paint and different layers until it comes together.




Meg for short. This was a difficult painting to do as the right hand side of the face was in heavy shadow in the reference photo. It was also really interesting as the markings were quite prolific and random.