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Life after the Exhibition

Wow, here we are on the other side of my exhibition. Life seems to have existed for so long in my exhbition bubble it will take a while to get usd to being outside again! lol.

What a great weekend! Amazing.

Mum and i worked really hard to get everything ready for the opening on Saturday. It was right down to the wire with me still printing lables as the doors opened at 10am.

The attendance and an abundance of lovely comments about my work was amazing. Mum exhibited some work and received some great compliments, she was even asked if she had thought about teaching! Blimey, good on ya mum.

We had some "moments" that we will bear in mind for the next one (of yes, there may be more!), like charge your camera battery, make sure every picture has something to hang it by and it's the right way up! Little things but important never the less!

I have attached the tour of the exhibition just before we opened the doors. Hope you enjoy. x

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